Construction Negligence

Construction Negligence Lawsuit Cash Advances and Construction Lawsuit Cash Advances

Waiting on a a settlement from Construction lawsuit, but need money NOW to pay your bills?

In as quick as 24 hours you can have a lawsuit cash advance of $500 to $100,000 in which you only pay back if you win your construction negligence case.

Many people put their absolute truth in construction worker and contractors, and while most the time that trust is well deserved, there are times when they don’t do what they are suppose to do and cut corners. That can result in an injury to you or your loved ones and that’s when you file a construction negligence lawsuit. The only problem is these lawsuits take a lot time to settle, even with the best attorney out there. And if this accident caused you to miss work, your bills might be piling up, and the bill collectors do not want to hear excuses. A lawsuit cash advance from Law Advance can help.

With a lawsuit cash advance from Law Advance, you get the money you need to help relieve the pressure your felt from bill collectors. Lawsuit cash advances involve not out of pocket costs, no monthly bills sent to your house and best of all, if your case doesn’t settle, you owe nothing.

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