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Have you filed a lawsuit against a nursing home, but need money at once to pay your bills?

You can have a lawsuit cash advance as quick as 24 hours and you only repay your lawsuit advance when you win your nursing home lawsuit.

You have put your trust in a nursing home to care for your love one and have had that trust broken. Not only has an elderly person you care about been hurt, but now you have to find someone else that you can trust to help you care for them. That may not be easy since you have already had someone else destroy that trust. Mean while you maybe in need of money, but since lawsuits against nursing homes take time you may have to wait. Waiting for a settlement in your nursing home lawsuit can be made easier with lawsuit cash funding.

The relatives often need cash to take care of certain medical bills and other expenses after filing a nursing home lawsuit. A nursing home lawsuit takes time even with a good lawyer and clear proof of neglect or abuse. With lawsuit cash advance from Law Advance, you can get money now so you don’t have to settle the nursing home lawsuit too early for too little.

A lawsuit advance can provide you with the money you when you need it. The great about lawsuit cash advances is there’s no risk, none what so ever. You only have to pay back the lawsuit advance if you win your nursing home lawsuit.

Law Advance can relieve the financial stress and stress so your lawyer has the time to pursue your nursing home lawsuit properly.

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