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Pharmaceutical lawsuits are often litigated against drug manufacturers and distributors, as well as prescribing doctor. However, pharmaceutical lawsuits differ from medical malpractice proceedings because they are basically product liability cases, the faulty product being the drug.

Some of the drugs with current lawsuit include but are not limited to:

•    Actos
•    Transvaginal Mesh
•    Depakote
•    Propecia
•    Topamax
•    Birth Injuries
•    Hip Implant Recalls
•    Fentanyl
•    Avandia
•    Chantix
•    Heparin
•    Reglan
•    Yaz

Attorney work extremely hard to secure their clients a good settlement and these cases take lots of time to work. Time you may not have since your injuries could be costing you lots of money that you may not have. Lawsuit cash advances, which are advances against your lawsuit, can provide you with the money you need. A lawsuit cash advance is not a loan, so if for some reason your case doesn’t settle, you owe nothing. Law Advance can help you relieve the pressure so you’re not forced into a lesser settlement because the pharmaceutical companies have deeper pockets than you.

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