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Workers' compensation is a form of insurance providing wage stand-in and medical reimbursement to workers injured in the course of employment in swap for binding relinquishment of the employee's right to take legal action against his or her employer for the tort of negligence. While plans vary between jurisdictions, stipulation can be made for weekly payments in place of pay, reimbursement for monetary loss (past and future), repayment or payment of medical and like expenses (functioning in this case as a form of health insurance), and benefits payable to the dependents of workers killed during employment (functioning in this case as a form of life insurance).
The dreadful fact about Workers Compensation (or Workers Comp) is that you may lose, even if you win, because the money is too little, too late! We can give you the time you need to wait for a fair Workers Compensation settlement. It’s not just the money because there is the emotional stress on you and your family.
It’s a horrible realism of Workers Compensation claims. You can have a rock solid Workers Compensation case and a outstanding law firm helping you, but since they have the money, the insurance companies can afford to wait. The shame is you can’t. Without cash funding, you may have no option except to settle your Workers Compensation claim for whatever they choose to offer you.
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