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Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans

Are you in the middle of a wrongful death lawsuit, but need money right now to take care of your bills?

In as fast as 24 hours Lighthouse Legal can have the cash you need, anywhere from $500 to $100,000 to you through a lawsuit loan and which only have to repay if you win your wrongful death lawsuit.

Losing a loved on if a horrible experience and no amount of money can bring them back, but it can help with the bills that are piling up. Wrongful death lawsuits can move very slowly through the legal system, even if you have an outstanding case that’s why a lawsuit loan can be helpful.

Lawsuit loans are not actually loans though; they are advances on a lawsuit. When you get a loan, you have to pay the money back, but with lawsuit loans, you only pay back when you settle your case. That’s right, there’s no risk. You only pay us back if you succeed in your wrongful death lawsuit.

The spouse or family often requirements money to pay critical vital bills such as medical and funeral costs plus typical expenses usually paid by the family member who was the victim. With lawsuit loans from Law Advance, you can have finances now, before getting a judgment in the wrongful death lawsuit, without having to settle the case too early for too little.

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