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Law Advance frequently gets calls from the public looking for a lawyer to take their personal injury case, and we’re glad to assist them!

If you’re in need of a personal injury attorney we have the ability to swiftly refer your information to an attorney in your area, who will get in touch with you to review your case to reach the outcome you warrant.

If you believe you have suffered harm at the responsibility of another party, be it an individual, organization, company, etc., you must speak with an attorney prior to taking any action yourself, because:

  • Your attorney can help to obtain vital evidence, find key witnesses, and will give you the proper instruction you need to get the most out of your lawsuit.
  • The defendant's insurance company has far more information than you do and may benefit from that fact.
  • Often what appears to be a small injury will turn into a major one.
  • You may be required to make concessions that would hurt your case and rendering you to dangers you may not have thought of.

Helpful Information For You and Your Case

Alot of times people have said, “If I’d only kept in mind to keep this, or ask that, it would’ve made the process go easier.” Of course hindsight is always 20-20. While we don't suggest legal advice, here are a small number of tips and questions to consider about as you begin the procedure.

  1. Until you contact an attorney do not speak to any anyone (the defendant, the defendant's insurance company, etc.) .
  2. Keep a hold of copies of relevant paperwork, such as police reports, medical records, bills and receipts that you've gathered from the accident.
  3. Once you have been in contact with your new attorney, talk about your objectives and don't be scared to ask questions.
     - have your attorney clarify their game plan
     - make sure you comprehend their approach
     - make sure you see eye to eye with it
  4. Get copies of everything, any legal materials and documents from your attorney and/or paralegal. Keep in mind, it's your right.
  5. Make sure you have all of your attorney's contact information (telephone, cell phone, fax, email, pager, etc.)
  6. Know the names of your attorney's secretaries, assistants and paralegals in case an emergency comes up. You may need to speak with someone who is familiar enough with your case to try to find someone who can help you.

And remember, as your case progresses, if you need any monetary assistance because you’re waiting for your case to settle, please contact Law Advance!! We’ll be able to help get with pre settlement funding


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