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By giving somebody an advance on their pending lawsuit before it even settles we are providing what is often call a lawsuit cash advance. A lawsuit cash advance is a form of funding that is provided by a lawsuit funding company which is a non recourse transaction. This means you only pay if you settle your case, similar to hiring a personal injury lawyer. You only have to pay back the funds you borrowed if you are triumphant in winning compensation for your lawsuit.

Lawsuit cash advances are generally used by folks that have increasing bills and require money to aid in paying them. The money funded from a lawsuit cash advance can be used in many different ways. You can pay down debt, catch up on mortgage, rent or car payments or use the money to relax and experience some need rest and relaxation. The fact that it permits a plaintiff to acquire more time during the negotiation and litigation procedure is what makes a lawsuit cash advance a great idea. A lot of people make a gigantic error by agreeing to a settlement on impulse. Since they have an almost unlimited amount of money and hefty legal defense teams, insurance companies’ major goal is to drag out a personal injury case out in hopes the plaintiff will settle faster for a smaller amount of money.

It is imperative for us as a lawsuit cash advance company to get an idea of the strength of a case since we are funding money as non-recourse; we also have a vested interest in your case and you winning it.

The duration of time it takes to fund your lawsuit cash advance will depend on how swiftly we can get the necessary paper work from your legal representative. The system is rather simple and in some cases can take less than 24 hours to get you your lawsuit cash advance. We will work with your attorney directly, upon your request, making it as straightforward for you as possible.

If you are in need of a lawsuit cash advance apply online with Law Advance or call our toll free number to fill out our no obligation application.

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